We SPL remove the stigma of owning an earthquake prone and dangerous building from Council records. Our experienced team are able to save you significant insurance, and financing costs in the years ahead.

OUR Team. 

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Arthur Morgenstern.

Company Director 

Arthur has extensive expertise in seismic retrofitting and renovating of un-reinforced masonry buildings.

His expertise is in retrofitting occupied URM buildings (the reconstruction and seismic upgrade of earthquake at risk properties).

Arthur has owned, seismically retrofitted, and restored over 57 unreinforced buildings throughout Southern California and has seismically retrofitted over 85 earthquake prone buildings for client’s in New Zealand.

Arthur has owned, seismically retrofitted, and renovated the following historic Landmark buildings in Auckland:

  • Endean’s Building located at 2 Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Custom House, Auckland.

  • Landmark House, Queen Street and Durham Lane, Auckland.


9 Newsome Street,


Auckland 1061


Tel: 09 2929 551

Michael King.

Senior Structural Engineer

CPEng, IntPE, SE (USA)


Chartered Professional Engineer, Structural – New Zealand

International Professional Engineer, Structural – New Zealand

Structural Engineer, Ca, Nv, Az USA

Civil Engineer, Ca, Nv USA



Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ)

Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC)


Michael King has extensive seismic design experience gathered in New Zealand, USA, and in Haiti (following the devastating Earthquake in January 2010).

This vast background of projects and locations provides for a unique outlook on the possible structural solutions that can be designed for each project.