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Seismic Performance Limited has over 45 years experience within the industry. Having seismically retrofitted over 200 earthquake prone buildings, throughout New Zealand in the last 7 years.

Trusted in the industry by banks, insurance companies and local authorities. SPL provides a personal service founded in professionalism and experience.

We match our client’s unique needs, whilst performing within their projects budget. We strive to provide great customer service through clear communication.

SPL provides fixed price, design build contracts and will ensure your building remains occupied during the up grade.

We provide the following services:

  • An Initial Seismic Assessment (ISA). This will provide local authorities with the correct information in relation to your building for their PIM file.

  •  A full Detailed Engineering Assessment (DEA). This will provide you with the scope of works and budget to bring your building up to the minimum seismic strengthening level of 34%NBS and 70%NBS respectively to meet bank and insurance requirements.

  • A design solution to retrofit your building whilst occupied so there is minimum loss to your income stream.

  • A detailed fixed cost bid to achieve the seismic retrofit of your building.

  • An excellent source of funding to undertake the seismic retrofitting of your building.

  • Full CCC signoff off for all stages of the works undertaken acceptable to your bank and/or insurance company

  • Full indemnity insurance, and bonds upon request

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